Analysis Offers

In the contact / tenders section of the CRM module, process requests can be prepared for the analysis and the cost report of the analysis can be obtained before the proposal is submitted. Information can be sent to the sample registry for the bids that have been won.

Sample Registry

It is the area where the samples that are expected to arrive are monitored and managed. The sample acceptance person may perform acceptance, update information or reject sample for incoming samples. The company card can be sent to invoicing after this stage according to the method chosen while defining the company card and the sample acceptor can monitor the billing and paid information.

Sample Report Editing

Distribution of accepted samples to the relevant laboratories, waiting for the analysis results from the laboratories, contracting, registration, acceptance etc. of the sample. This is the field that allows the report to be prepared and received when the analysis is completed and approved by following the date information.


This is the area where the Laboratory Unit Officers distribute the tasks to the related personnel for the analysis of the samples that have been delivered to them and monitor and approve and manage the results.


This is the field where the results related to the analyzes coming from the Unit Responsible to the laboratory personnel can be entered and sent for approval. After completing the “blank analysis detail form” for each analysis request, it can be matched with the related record as a document.

Analysis Results

It is the area where all analyzes performed by different personnel and different personnel for each sample can be monitored as a list and the approval process can be followed.

R & D

When it is desired to develop a product from a sample coming from the customer, it is the sample that is analyzed at the beginning of the sample taken. When the sample content is analyzed, the product of the sample is removed from the tree. If the product tree is to be developed over the removed product tree, it is sent to the application section and trial studies are provided.


It is the field where the records of the experiments related to development coming from the R & D department with sample content prepared. More than one trial run can be performed for a sample and lists of materials used for each trial run can be compared separately. New stocks can be created with separate product trees for the samples that are decided to be produced as a result of trial studies.

In addition, cost monitoring can be made according to the content of new product trees created.

Sample / Consignment

It is the field in which the samples coming from the customer and the status of these samples are monitored for the sample sample requested by the customer during the sales offer process. It can be tracked whether the sample records requested by the salesperson come, whether they are sent to the R & D and Application departments, whether the sample sample is prepared and if the sample sample is sent to the customer.

Purchase Requisitions

This is the area where the purchase requirements can be made in a practical way for the needs in case the material needs arise due to the analysis of a sample and there is not enough stock in the warehouses.

Raw Material Requests

It is the area where the material lists of incoming samples required for the use of the laboratory according to the product trees or consumables can be requested from the warehouse managers.