Web Design Services

We offer our customers web design, mobile compatible web design, search engine optimization (SEO) and corporate email services. In order to produce better quality web design services, we increase the quality of our services more and more by following the current web software, technologies and trends closely. GGG Tech produces modern, high-speed websites with the highest level of security through the use of special web software. Increasing customer satisfaction day by day, GGG Technologies has become a preferred web design agency among web design companies of London. GGG Tech provides quality web design services to customers not only in Enfield and London but all over UK.

Web Design Process

This process covers a period that can be expressed as before, during and after the web design works. The steps taken in this process determine the fate of the websites. What kind of way does our company follow and what do we do?

Customer visits

Before starting design works, we visit corporates, organizations and people who require web, in short, we visit our customers. In this process, we listen to you and detail your project. We provide website documents, photos, pictures, graphics and so on.

Project Preparation Phase

Perhaps the most important period is the preparation process for web design projects. In this period, the design of the website, the arrangement of documents and photos, the integration of corporate identity work is done. The works are checked many times. Performance measurements are performed on different mobile devices for the website. All works are reviewed and presented to our web design project customers.

Customer Presentation and Website Publishing

Once your project is finalized, it will be shared with you. Your website is prepared for publication by making necessary revisions according to your request. Your sitemap will be sent to search engines and your website will be indexed and published.

Aftersales Support

We also support our customers after the publication of the website. Content may need to be updated from time to time to keep a website up to date. You can get support from us to add content such as documents or photos to your website. We also provide Dashboard support for our customers for adding content to their websites. 

Uninterrupted Customer Support

One of the biggest problems that customers face today is undoubtedly not being able to reach the company. Once your website is online, it is a wrong service policy that a simple and quick update such as a document or image update will not occur. Updates should be done immediately. However, data upgrades that require a large number of transactions can be made for a reasonable fee.

Most Modern Designs

When you look at our references, you can see that we have prepared the most modern looking and stylish websites used today. Instead of designs that were designed with a large number of frequently used columns and menus, modern-looking designs using high-resolution banners, forms, contact information fields, maps, videos, etc., which your customers can recognize and reach you in the shortest time, are used. 

Our History to enter Web Design

In the world, the concepts of internet, web, software, mobile integration, SEO, social media, etc. have ceased to be a big part of our current life and have become the basic concepts we need as much as the bread and water we drink. The reason for this is clear. As a result of the tremendous advances in technology, the dynamics of internet usage and trade have changed, and the needs have been shaped in this direction. There is a need for modern and high-tech websites, whether promotional or blog websites or commercial web design projects. At this point, GGG Technologies sought higher quality and service in high demand experienced in the web design industry in United Kingdom has incorporated into this sector. The experiences of customers who have built websites in the internet sector gave us important clues as to what kind of service we should provide, and as a result of these experiences, we had the chance to determine our targets more clearly.