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GGG Design, an advertising agency that designs aesthetic and effective logos for many of London’s leading corporations, brings to life logo designs that add brand value to the company, add value to the company and increase the brand image in its high-end studios. It performs effective logo designs that will create added value for your brand in line with sectoral analyzes, target audience analyzes and benchmarking studies.

You can examine the logos designed by GGG Design Advertising Agency from the works section and you can contact us to design high-quality logos.


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Our Services

Graphic design is a creative process that involves organizing text and visuals in a perceptible and visible plane, in two dimensions or in three dimensions, to convey a message, develop an image, or visualize a thought.

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London Software and Design Agency

Since 2005, Corporate Creative Advertising Agency, Logo Design, Graphics, Website Design, catalogue, brochure design and printing, shooting promotional film. GGG Tech software and internet technologies was established in 2005 in London. We offer the most professional services Web design, custom software development, google adwords and seo.

  • Postcards and flyers
    Starting form 50 £
  • Magazine and newspaper ads
    Starting from 50 £
  • Posters, banners and billboards
    Starting from 60 £
  • Infographics
    Starting from 50 £
  • Brochures (print and digital)
    Starting from 50 £
  • Vehicle wraps
    Starting from 250 £
  • Vehicle wraps
    Starting from 250 £
  • Signage and trade show displays
    Starting from 70 £
  • Email marketing templates
    Starting from 50 £
  • PowerPoint presentations
    Starting from 80 £
  • Menus
    Starting from 80 £
  • Social media ads, banners and graphics
    Starting from 50 £
  • Banner and retargeting ads
    Starting from 50 £
  • Images for websites and blogs
    Starting from 40 £
  • User interface graphic design (Web)
    Starting from 1000 £

    • Web page design
    • Theme design (WordPress, Shopify, etc.)
  • User interface graphic design (IOS & Android)
    Starting from 1000 £

    • Game interfaces
    • App design
  • User interface graphic design (Mobile Web)
    Starting from 1000 £

    • Game interfaces
    • App design

Graphic design

GGG Advertising Agency brings high interactive designs to print and digital media with its large graphic design staff consisting of creative directors, art directors and graphic designers. Success of graphic design is an issue that requires mastery of the sector as well as creativity.

GGG Advertising Agency, which dominates not only the advertising-communication sector but also the sector of the brands it is a solution partner with the analyzes and researches it carries out, increases the brand value through the graphic design works prepared according to the potential customer profile of the companies. First of all, a meeting is held with the brand that wants a graphic design project and then the target audience analysis, sector analysis and benchmarking studies of the brand are realized and textual and visual designs are realized in line with the data obtained from these researches.

Graphic design works carried out by GGG Advertising Agency in its studios which are continuously developed and offered full service in parallel with the latest technology; In addition to being aesthetic, creative and effective, it ensures corporate integrity with its conformity to the brand spirit and adds prestige and added value to the brand in question.
Graphic design is the transformation of imagination into production and transferring it to visual environment and it is realized by using graphic design programs. The most used of these graphic design programs are: Photoshop, After Effect, Indesign, Illustrator, Freehand, Paintshop, Corel Draw.

You can contact us for all your graphic design needs.

Logo Design

Logo design; Since it will be used in every job of a company and will represent the brand in all channels, it should be designed and implemented according to the sector and target audience of the company in line with the necessary analyzes. Effective and functional logo designs are the most important requirement for the success of your advertising activities since all communication activities that your brand will carry out will be designed around your logo in a way to integrate with your logo. A logo must be simple to be effective. The logos of the giant companies in the world are the best examples of this.

The logo should match the brand spirit and sector. It should be designed so that it can be easily applied to any surface to avoid extra processing costs. Also, a successful logo design should definitely be catchy. A good logo must be in minds.

GGG Design, an advertising agency that designs aesthetic and effective logos for many of London’s leading corporations, brings life to logo designs that add brand value to the company, add value to the company and increase the brand image in its high-end studios. It performs effective logo designs that will create added value for your brand in line with sectoral analyzes, target audience analyzes and benchmarking studies.

You can examine the logos designed by GGG Design Agency from the works section and you can contact us to design high-quality logos.

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    10 + Design
    AI + EPS + PDF + PNG Vector Files
    Minumum 3 Designers
    30 + Design
    AI + EPS + PDF + PNG Vector Files
    Minumum 5 Designers
    50 + Design
    AI + EPS + PDF + PNG Vector Files
    Minumum 10 Designers
    Optional Extensions
    +3 Free additional Design
    80 + Design
    AI + EPS + PDF + PNG Vector Files
    Minimum 15 Designers
    Optional Extensions
    +5 Free additional Design
    Money-Back Guarantee
    80 + Design
    AI + EPS + PDF + PNG Vector Files
    Minimum 20 Designers
    Optional Extensions
    +10 Free additional Design
    Money-Back Guarantee
    Top 300 Designers
    Cafe Restaurant website designs are thought of all your needs from corporate presentation menus.
    Web Design and marketing for food, beverage, and agriculture.
    Construction For our customers who are active in the sector, our new package compatible with web design and content management system is prepared with the quality of GGG Technologies. For our companies operating in the construction sector, you can have a web design that can be found on Google and can be updated as easily as Facebook without any technical information.
    We are developing Web Design, Social Media Consultant, Seo Expert and Mobile Application (IOS, Android) and Developable and Manageable Web Software Projects for College, Preschool, University, Private Education Institutions.
    By providing public services in electronic format, it is aimed to reduce time and cost and improve service quality.
    Modern websites that follow current design trends tailored to the needs of associations and foundations will be the biggest part of the vision you create.
    Decoration, interior design, home office design, dealing with businesses such as ready-made web site for your customers with a great web design offer.
    You can exhibit your garment and textile products and you can make a presentation with price information if you wish.
    The priority of your company is determined by your potential customers. Since the service sector is wide-ranging, each company wants to offer a unique service and offer the services they make on their unique website.
    Lawyers and law offices specially designed for the lawyer site design we have designed by opening your own office site, you can take your place on the Internet.
    Responsive Web site design that we have prepared for organization companies. Content, images and logo will be rearranged according to your needs.
    We provide website design services for car dealers, car rental and auto spare parts companies
    Doctors, clinics, hair transplant centers, hospitals with our website packages we have prepared for search engines to be one step ahead of your competitors. To have our website packages guaranteed to be in the first place in the search engines, just call us.
    Transport, Transportation, tailor-made web sites suitable for the use of logistics companies. You can find examples of the transport web site that you like from our transport web site designs.
    You can manage your agencies online. Tour and hotel reservations can be made quickly and healthy. This is the website for travel agencies that promote and sell hotels and tours.
    Get the best web design and internet packages for your insurance company with our insurance agency web site solutions with reasonable prices.
    Increase your members by having gym, fitness and spa web design. Publish your class hours online, interact with your members at all times.
    Hairdresser and beauty saloon web site package you with your hairdressing salon and beauty centres to promote the digital media perfectly. Get positive feedback from your customers with our hairdresser and beauty salon website package that you can easily reach all your customers with mobile harmony.
    Get a professional e-commerce site at affordable prices and start selling immediately. Don’t miss the opportunity of free installation, support and training!

Web Design

GGG Technologies is a leading provider of web design services.
GGG Technologies web service agency is one of the leading companies in web design services. He is one of the first and most favourite runners of Web Design companies.

We know that; web site design is the online reputation of each of our customers, is the showcase that presents itself to the whole world, web service agencies are their architect, consultant, guide in online channels. Web design and web software expertise are the subjects that require.

Since its establishment, GGG Technologies has been working on the principle of achieving the only happy customer – happy web design company equation and sustaining satisfaction.

Web design agencies The foundation of Web services culture is to get to know the institution. GGG Technologies is based on performing the analysis phase prior to web design SEO and software projects by making on-site visits to its domestic customers in order to reach its customers both in Turkey and abroad in the most healthy way. We have all the necessary web design and SEO services to address different geographies. Web design processes are successful when web design planning is done correctly.

It is our mission to add a vision – a showcase to all other dynamics of our country by constantly renewing ourselves to embrace the SME design of all institutions in the SME + segment with website design services.

Combining modern design SEO trends with web design services, bringing current trends to life in our country, creates the most important differences for agencies.

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Tailor Made Software Projects

Special software projects come first among the services we offer to our customers. GGG Technologies, which considers its customers as business partners, has realized many successful projects in the software sector with its software quality and experienced staff that it continuously develops.

When realizing a software project, we first determine the structure and requirements of the companies and produce the most creative solutions in line with the company requests. A software project is prepared by our head office and engineer teams. Depending on the project requirements, this service can also take place at the customer location for a certain period of time. We submit the projects to our customers together with their source codes after acceptance tests and written approvals.

The software methodology and documentation quality of our Custom Software Projects have improved along with the standards of the global companies we work with and the critical manufacturing processes of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) meet the global inspection criteria.

If your organization needs custom software, we can help.