Google Ads (AdWords) Advertisement

Google AdWords are sponsored links that appear in the top 3 columns on the right side of the search results of Google and are charged. Pricing is set by per click. This means that the keywords in the ad will appear on Google’s side if you search on Google, but you won’t be charged unless they are clicked. You can do great things with very low figures.

We create an account for you on Google AdWords, enter your company’s required keywords, run this account on your behalf. We arrange the entered keywords in order of importance, and the payment plan is based on the importance of those keywords. It can be easily tested by creating multiple ad alternatives for the same word, whichever is more effective. Creating ads that are compatible with keywords and the page redirected to the site. This means that you receive a high-quality score from Google and pays less for ads.

The Google Ad Network allows your ads to show on websites other than the search engine as well as on your industry-related websites and the Google Search Network.

  • Ads about your products are prepared in writing. With this advertisement option, different texts can be used together according to your needs and products.
  • Websites that are relevant to your sector and that are frequently visited by your target audience are identified.
  • When the ad, related to your product or service is clicked, the visitor is directed to the page on your web page where that product is located.
  • Many statistical data such as clickthrough rates, views, etc. are presented to you as a report.