Secure managed services

Information security services span your network, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis. We extend your security operations to bridge people, processes and technology for 24×7 support.
Secure Managed Services

Advanced cyber security

We provide data-driven defence and detection services that use machine learning and automation to deliver enhanced protection and visibility into potential attacks. Our technical and business expertise means we also give clarity and context around the security decisions that matter to your organisation.

Back up and DR

Modern business landscape values the “always-on” principle, which means that a company should be ready to deliver services or goods to the customer at any time, despite the circumstances. However, when it comes to VMs with business-critical systems and apps, they should be a part of your disaster recovery planning. This does not only ensure business continuity but can also help you protect your company’s critical data in case of disaster.

Remote Management and Monitoring

Remote management and monitoring is the key to making your IT hassle-free. Using our remote management and monitoring system we can anticipate and solve the problems that affect the day-to-day running of your IT so that they never bother you in the first place. As your organisation grows it is vital to consider your system’s capacity to manage the increasing amounts of data it produces. Our managed IT services include ongoing support and testing to ensure that your system is robust, secure and well-managed at all times.


Managed Security Service Provider MSSP

Our award winning managed security services protect your corporate assets wherever they are vulnerable or exposed to the threat of attack.

With an ever-evolving cyber landscape, businesses are facing increased and more complex threats to their environments. Attacks are happening at a far greater rate and the damage they pose is immeasurable. From data breaches, to insider threats, to ransomware attacks, the list is endless. As a result, many companies find themselves navigating through little understood waters without the right equipment, or knowledge at their disposal. The fall out is that these organisations become victims to truly damaging attacks, costing them both in revenue and reputation.

Managed Security Services

As a government accredited Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), GGG Technologies helps UK organisations of all sizes build cyber-security capabilities and maintain compliance through practical consulting and managed services. Our unique security standing means we monitor highly regulated government networks, we take this capability and apply the same level of service to all our clients across the board, giving them the highest level of protection and ultimate peace of mind.


What We Offer

Our managed cyber security services encompass prevention, detection and remediation. This robust multi-pronged approach means that we cover all areas, warding of the danger posed by Advanced Persistent Threats APT and other players.

Threat Management

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Vulnerability Management

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Incident Response

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Our Approach to Security

GGG Technologies Managed Security Services are delivered from our purpose built 24/7 onshore Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) based in a secret UK location. Our CSOC employs a leading array of cyber engineers and analysts from varying backgrounds, meaning we are always on the cutting edge when it comes to understanding and operating within the ever-changing threat landscape.

Superior threat intelligence and advanced analytics, protecting, and optimizing your organization

Turn data into knowledge and see your entire security picture, rather than isolated events. Our Managed Security Services (MSS) leverage investment in threat intelligence and advanced analytics. Feeding into a purpose-built platform, it provides best-of-breed capability to deliver a diverse array of Managed Security Services. Our supporting security experts deliver transparent and repeatable services, identifying and stopping advanced threats. Furthermore, providing insight and metrics into security posture and trends.

Web Application Firewall-as-a-Service

Our Web Application Firewall as a Service provides the expertise and skills that ensure your web application firewall (WAF) is configured to provide the highest level of protection for your websites. The service provides detection of cyber threats, DDoS protection, business and regulatory compliance reporting.

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We believe specialist UK firms deserve the same level of service they would give their own clients.

We know that clients want expertise, a service they can rely on and intimate support from a named individual who knows their business. It goes beyond technology.

Proactive cyber defence and detection

Our proactive cyber defence and detection services

Managed Cyber Defence
Our Managed Cyber Defence (MCD) threat hunting service gives you forensic level, data-driven protection against emerging cyber attacks and enhanced visibility into potential incidents.

Our 24×7 service leverages best of breed technology merged with our threat intelligence, skilled threat hunters and advanced security orchestration and automation platform (SOAR).

We give you confidence that your business operations will remain resilient while freeing up your cyber team to focus on improving your security posture.

Ethical hacking
Ethical hacking exercises are an effective way to test your prevention and detection capabilities with real world cyber attack scenarios.

By replicating the latest techniques used by cyber criminals, we help you understand your security vulnerabilities, assess your ability to detect and respond to a cyber attack, and create a remediation plan to reduce your risk exposure.

Cyber threat intelligence
Our threat intelligence services cater for organisations at different stages of their threat intelligence maturity.

We can give you visibility of global threats, provide technical details on new and innovative attacks, and enable you to make strategic decisions based on a clear understanding of cyber threats.

Cyber incident response and recovery
Cyber security incidents have become inevitable, so it’s important you’re prepared and able to respond effectively. As one of few firms providing comprehensive end-to-end incident response services globally, we are recognised by Forrester as a leader in forensics and incident response.

Our cyber incident response practice can advise organisations who are preparing for, responding to and learning from cyber security incidents to help minimise business impact and residual risk.

Endpoint monitoring
We provide unrivalled endpoint monitoring through our strategic alliance with Tanium. The software’s sophisticated data monitoring combined with our proprietary threat intelligence enables the rapid detection of malicious endpoint activity, as well as the identification of historic breaches through our compromise discovery assessment service.

By combining rich data collected by Tanium with external data sources and advanced models, we also provide a risk modelling service that identifies high risk threats vectors in your IT estate. Our interactive dashboards give a comprehensive view of your organisation’s vulnerabilities and enables you to track progress over time.

Identity and Access Management
Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides the foundation of your digital services, governing critical information about people, data and devices.

We can help with all IAM business challenges, including supporting your digital transformation, securing and governing access, enabling a seamless customer experience, and advising on more effective risk-based governance.

Software security and DevSecOps
Integrate security into your DevOps processes. Our team of highly experienced DevSecOps practitioners and business advisors work with your executive and technical teams to review current practices and implement secure DevOps processes and codified workflows that align with business objectives.