Laboratory Software

The Laboratory Software is developed to meet the needs of private chemistry and environmental laboratories. It includes all the criteria brought by the companies that make service purchases for data management from Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, TSE, etc. Reporting and following up the report in these laboratories is a very laborious process. Generally, report files prepared with word processors are stored in folders opened for customers. It is a complete ordeal to follow the revision numbers of the generated reports, authors and revisers.

Based on these problems, our software has provided the convenience of reporting provided by word processors. In addition, it can meet all the needs of enterprises in customer relationship management and pre-accounting issues. Its features are:

  • Registration and follow-up of customer information and relations (CRM);
  • Tracking each customer’s arrival to the laboratory separately (Laboratories Information System);
  • Tracking each incoming sample separately (Sample Information System);
  • Printing the samples and witnessing barcodes belonging to the samples via printers;
  • Making different analysis request for each sample;
  • Storing the fee of analyses conducted on samples within the customer file;
  • Preparing proformas and converting order finalization into acceptance;
  • Invoicing at acceptance stage and mass invoicing;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the current balances of customers;
  • Automatically transferring customer arrival and sample information to Microsoft Word during the preparation of analysis reports;
  • Ability to search customer, arrival, sample and report according to various criteria within the software;
  • Designable analysis reports and internal reports;
  • Monitoring user operations from the administration panel;
  • Publishing reports in fax, email, web medias.