Rent a Car Web Design

Add your cars and start getting booking

In today’s conditions where the internet is the most effective sales and marketing network, we design websites for corporates that really consider that the internet environment is beneficial for their companies.

Rent A Car Website allows you to have the most advanced and easy to use provides you with a very easy rent a car website with rent a car web design designed by planning of all details for big scaled corporates providing rent a car services in various cities/regions or small-scaled corporates in the easiest way.

Your works will be very easy for you with our web software specially prepared for Rent A Car companies. Let your website calculate the price automatically, get reservations, and give your customers the answer to any questions for you automatically. You just have to confirm the incoming information and deliver the vehicle. Therefore you will save time and earn customers through your website.

Rent a Car Website Design and Software Properties

  • Ability to update all pages thanks to the Dashboard;
  • Managing all your websites from a single panel if you have multiple websites;
  • Professional Reservation Module;
  • Many properties such as reservation approval/cancellation/holding/swift reply;
  • Ability to regulate the incoming reservations;
  • Ability to print out the incoming reservations;
  • Ability to make searches within the panel with reservation number;
  • Language support for unlimited languages;
  • Software infrastructure compliant with Google Web Design policies (SEO)
  • News and announcement management module;
  • Future date campaign definition module;
  • Transmit reservation information into Excel files and printing out the same;
  • Rent a car contracts automatically filled as per incoming reservation data over Rent a Car Website, thus, you will only require the signature;
  • Ability to transfer the customer information to Excel, Word and PDF files and printing out the same;
  • Developed Vehicle Management Module;
  • Ability to add unlimited Vehicles and Vehicle Categories;
  • Ability to render Pricing per vehicle, season and number of days (1-4 days, 5-15 days, etc.);
  • Ability to determine the vehicle’s position (showing the vehicles in desired order);
  • Ability to remove vehicle from the list (a vehicle not marked as “rentable” in vehicle details is not shown in your vehicle fleet);
  • City and Offices Management Board;
  • Ability to add unlimited cities and offices;
  • Ability to define drop (transfer) fees specific to added city or office;
  • Extra Feature Module;
  • Ability to define extra properties for the desired vehicles and determine the prices for such properties;
  • Season Management Module;
  • Ability to determine seasons in desired date intervals (Such as price campaign for Kurban Bayram, etc. …);
  • Ability to determine prices as per seasons;
  • Advanced Report Module;
  • Ability to acquire the reservations details in weekly, monthly and yearly reports;
  • Ability to see what the rental dates are, how many days, what is the revenue, etc.;
  • Ability to acquire reports for extra requests;
  • Ability to acquire the report of your customers in desired periods;
  • The desired report types may be added;
  • Mass E-Mail Sending Module;
  • Automatic mail data archival for customers making reservations on your website and you may send mass emails to your customers in desired periods;
  • Mass SMS Sending Module;
  • Automatic GSM data archival for customers making reservations on your website and you may send mass SMSs to your customers in desired periods;
  • Separate indication of vehicle prices in GBP-EUR-USD-TRY currencies;
  • The currencies of the central bank or the ones you determine may be used;
  • Infrastructure to pay with credit cards;
  • Choice to pay at the end of reservation or at vehicle delivery;
  • 3D Security (Virtual POS Infrastructure);
  • Weather module;
  • Distance calculation module.

Our Current Rent a Car Website Design Examples:

You can get detailed information regarding our Rent a Car Web Design solutions that will represent you in the best way and give you a concrete, commercial value from our customer representative by calling us for all your ideas and opinions about our Web Design solutions.