Corporate Web Design

Your organization’s reflection on the internet

It makes great contributions to refresh its customer-focused trust understanding and increase your corporate web design image positively ensuring that the company’s self-confidence, corporate identity, service quality, management style and industry authority reach the target audience. GGG Tech shows the idea of how it can offer better services to its customers with its endless intensity of works in its projects. As a company with continuous correct working program and loyal to customer satisfaction understanding, we would like to state that the corporate web design service is conducted with self-devotion and responsibility awareness. Institutionalizing by absorbing our experiences, GGG Tech’s web design services prepare a corporate web design project by considering the values and targets of the customer company.

In addition, we suggest different ideas that we think are useful and add them to the corporate web design works. Your corporate website is an important part of your corporate identity. Although your company is open from 09:00 in the morning to 18:00 in the evening, your website represents you on a 24/7 basis. If you actually have a skyscraper, you should have an equivalent claim on your website. Unfortunately, many companies’ websites consist of brochures stacked on the desk of someone working in the IT department. Responsible parties for your corporate website in your company are Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations / Corporate Communication, Business Development and IT Departments.

While the number of our respondents on this subject was IT Department by 95% in 1997, this ratio has decreased to 55% today. When we do web design and application works for any organization, we think that we do web site projects for customers and potential customers, not for the owners or employees of that organization. In addition to producing quality and trustworthy projects for the customer, we do not forget to include additional features that provide benefits for the future. We give particular importance to our corporate web design projects that we prepare with an aesthetic appearance and dynamic infrastructure system above the desired satisfaction levels. This is a part of GGG Tech indicating that it develops different and innovative applications.

We consider that natural and original design is ideal for corporate web design and we design interfaces that can be used by everyone. In summary, what is being searched within a site should be easy to find and the narrative should be descriptive and satisfactory. This contributes to proposing to others and increasing visits to the website. Of course, being a more frequently entered site contributes to the value of the search engines and the popularity of the site. Here are a few examples of our understanding of corporate web design. We would like to point out that we have different practices that bring pros in another direction. We are ready to give you corporate web design service and consultancy.

Web design is the whole of the website design works that are done in order to introduce the institutions, organizations or individuals or to increase the trade volume of the companies. The main objective of promotional websites is to present the corporate identity of the companies to the visitors in the most accurate way. E-commerce sites designed to accelerate the trade cycle, the software infrastructure becomes more prominent.

User-friendly web design

We produce projects that our website visitors can easily use and spend time with pleasure. The menus, link contents and links from the navigation components are designed to enable visitors to quickly and efficiently find the information they are looking for.

Visuality and layout

We offer our customers modern web design projects that will increase the corporate image greatly. During the design phase, quality graphics, images and documents are used when creating the page contents. Quality content enables website visitors to quickly access the information they are looking for, while the right page layout ensures the effective use of the website. Mobile compatibility works on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are also provided on high performance mobile devices same as the desktop devices.

Corporate colours

In the selection of colours, the basic colours that make up the corporate identity of the brand or company are used. Although not a constant rule, we use products, services, colours that represent the brand and the company in a balanced way in web design works. Using too many colours will distract website visitors and reduce web design quality.

Graphics usage and intensity

In our web design works, pictures, photos, symbols, icons, logos, tables, etc. are compatible with your pages. using graphic components, we create rich and quality web page content. Thanks to the software infrastructure we use, the images uploaded to the website remain clear; it has the lowest file size thanks to its advanced compression algorithm. In this way, the quality of your images does not decrease while opening web pages fast. By providing a balance between text and visual density, we provide a comfortable user experience for site visitors.

Google Fonts

We use Google’s “Google Fonts” services in web design projects and use font styles that are very pleasing to the eye. The “font style” is a web design component that has a significant impact on the appearance of websites.

Page texts

Another important issue in web design works is the text on your web pages. When creating web pages, we review text or documents, correct spelling errors, and make necessary changes for search engine optimization.

Advanced dashboard

Web design projects may need to be updated in image and text content. We provide our customers with a management panel that allows them to easily manage their websites. We also help our customers who want to add content support.