Screen Menu – Video Sign For Shops & Restaurants

Make the showcase of your restaurant or store more effective with your menu and videos of your products. By preparing designs with your products or services, we increase your customers’ interest in your workplace by placing digital displays on the showcase of your workplace.

Screen Menu Sign For Restaurants

People always unwittingly look where moving or where there is more intense light. We wanted to evaluate this subconscious situation for advertising activities and our development team made your workplace more interesting for you, with hundreds of visitors every day. Get in touch with the customer representative of GGG Technologies and let us reveal the required potential of your workplace as soon as possible with the free exploration guarantee.

Restaurant Menu Screen Sign


Our powerful, web-based digital signage service enables cafés and quick service restaurants to create engaging digital menu screens which can be published to a single location’s display or to thousands anywhere in the world 

Screen Menu Sign For Shops


Digital signage menu board displays can effectively provide a dynamic way for you to connect with customers and create a memorable dining experience. You can easily update your menus in real-time and include high definition food images and engaging animations to strategically placed screens to attract customers, increase footfall, and influence buying decisions. Visually strong menu board designs appeal to customers. Combining this content with offers will see increased revenues on the promotions that you focus on.

Multiple Screen Menu


Digital signage in windows attracts attention to your establishment over and above the traditional menu display. Window TV displays work well for promotions such as early bird menus or drinks offers, as well as showcasing the quality of your food with thoughtful photography and videos.